Swap router issue, swap from lp cake to bnb

Hi i did take my lp static busd from boardroom of charge defi to meta mask, I did a swap between Lp cake to bnb in my metamask wallet (both BEP20 tokens) swap button ended up loosing all my money. When I looked the transaction history I saw a that the transaction is done and all my 282 lp are loss
The swap was for 282 lp cake but I received 0.0002 bnb and lost everything basically. I tracked all the swaps that happened in the hash and it seems like the wallet
I think it belongs to the (SwapRouter)
So if someone can help me with any information that will be a pleasure this money it’s all what I got

And I just wanna know if I can get my lp or bnb back

Transaction hash : 0xcd89054aabda78e3eedcb8a9b50f5dd3b15abc67f3e290a148c7facec0988365

Public address:

I appreciate

Hey @Ahmedmet, sorry to hear this has happened.

Unfortunately, you swapped your LP tokens for BNB. The LP tokens are just a representation of the liquidity you have provided, not the actual value of your CAKE tokens. All transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, and these tokens cannot be retrieved.

Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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