Swapped Cake-LP to BNB via Metamask : bad idea, can I recover that?


After unstaking about $150 from a BUSD-BNB LP farm on Pancakeswap my Metamask filled with 3.58 Cake-LP tokens.

The problem is that instead of removing the liquidity to swap it to actual BUSD and BNB tokens inside Pancakeswap under the “Liquidity” section, I swapped them directly to BNB using Metamask’s swap button !

The problem is that this only credited to my wallet 0.0.7 BNBs or merely an equivalent $2 !

I realize I most probably shouldn’t have used Metamask to remove liquidity from Pancakeswap and should have used the remove button in the “Liquidity” section of Pancakeswap, and now I’m concerned on whether I can still do something to get my Cake-LP BUSD/BNB pair back !

Can you please advise if there’s anything like that possible ? If not, then where did my funds go ? Why does metamask allow swap of Cake-LPs ?

Thank you in advance for your help.