Tokens gone to a dead wallet when using Metamask Swap on BEP20

I mistakenly used Metamask’s built-in Swap feature for converting acsBNB (by Acryptos on BSC) to BNB and now it has gone to a dead wallet address and got stuck there.

The transaction itself appeared successful, from showing comparison prices among DEXes and gave me a SUCCESS status on BSCscan, however I received no BNB in return.

By tracking on BSCscan I can see the acsBNB tokens are now in an unused wallet address with only the exact amount of my acsBNB and have been staying there for over 17 hours.

Could anyone please be kind enough to advise if Metamask will do anything about it since I genuinely believed it would help swap acsBNB to BNB as it is shown in Metamask just like any other token conversion.

Thank you and any comments are appreciated.

Hi Conrad,

Not sure if its the same issue but I ended up sending by mistake Tether to the Metamask’s Swap Router contract. Metamask was not able to help and their support took ages to reply. On the other hand Tether’s support team was the real MVP and they were able to resolve the situation, so in your case I would try getting in touch with BNB to see if they could help.

Best of luck, João.

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Thanks so much for your kind reply. Sadly I couldn’t even find the right contact point to reach “Binance Smart Chain” support as most websites are related to Binance Exchange only. :pensive: