Matic swap to eth network but lost?

Hi All,

I try to swap matic from polygon to eth but i not receive it.
When i check the transaction polygonscan 0x8727625734c3a5ba6e0a8974c525f10f2a9840eae9879974bf78ab6e929a0263 i see wmatic ? but where does it go? i cannot find it at my metamask.

Thank you.

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Hey @oxzhor, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Did you use a bridge to move your MATIC from Polygon to Ethereum? Can you explain what you did, and from what wallet address you did the transaction with?

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Hi Nakedwinnie thank you for your reply.

My apologies, it must be MATICH from Polygon to BSC I did this via anyswap.
When i check anyswap i see them? but not in my metamask

@oxzhor did you add MATIC token?

Yes i did but i see no coins in my wallet

So :thinking: you see 0 MATIC?
Can send screenshot your MetaMask wallet?

Did you use the CoinGecko site to add a token?

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Problem solved, i remove the matic token in the bsc wallet and add it again in metamask and now i did see it finally.


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