Help! Polygon Quick Swap Not Completed

I swapped MIM for Matic yesterday but it has not completed yet. Any ideas what I can do?

Transaction: 0xb789b8cccbc7c6095e2d2023ed192352b9842738ba013365fad2e175225478f7


Hey @vqeeq, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like the transaction was successful and MATIC was sent to your wallet address. There have been a few transactions of MATIC out of your wallet shortly afterward, which may be the cause of some confusion.

Hi, thanks for taking a look. No it hasn’t arrived. I added some from another source whilst I was waiting so I could continue to do what I needed to do.

On Polygonscan it’s still pending

It looks like Polygonscan shows a successful transaction :point_down:

Yeah, that’s the problem but if you check closely it’s showing the 0.00457 MATIC as completed.

I’ve traced the transactions for the 56MIM and it seems to be here 3hrs 50 mins ago:


Not sure how the tokens you are referring to are in address 0x0000000… but that is a burn address for tokens to be burned. It is a wallet address that nobody has control over. If your tokens were sent there, they cannot be retrieved.

Ahh. OK thanks for explaining.

I just followed the transaction trail and this is the last address I can see them. Maybe something to do with the swap from MIM to MATIC.

Well I never got my MATIC. Thankfully it was only $56. Could have been worse I guess


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