Tried to swap UMBR for MATIC using Metamask Swap, UMBR showing 0 but did not get any MATIC tokens

Tried to swap UMBR for MATIC using MetaMask Swap, UMBR showing 0 but did not get any MATIC tokens.

My wallet address is 0xaE11E1c23405a125819561c79CFC25F1298d223c. Transaction hash is 0x957053578563ed471108c412629d1fe688ef03582aad2c494e2a46f6a122d722. Looks like my funds are sitting at Exchange Proxy Flash Wallet. Raised a ticket removed for protection with support, but no luck. Appreciate if someone from the MetaMask team can help resolve the issue.


Hello @Saiii, welcome to the MetaMask community,

Seems like the swap gave you around $0.01 (0.007293 MATIC) for 697.743 UMBR! The UMBR price on the Polygon network shows almost 0 (please see the attached image.) Apparently, there is not enough liquidity of UMBR on the Polygon network.
When proceeding with the MetaMask swap, did you notice the quotes shown? Was it around 0.01 MATIC for 697.74 UMBR!?


Hello Mary am,

Quote showed me 440 something matic not 0.01. As you can see from the price of UMBR on coingecko it’s trading at $0.5. What’s the best way to resolve this issue?


Thank you for the reply.
Yes, I checked the Etherscan before my first response to you and the the token price on the Ethereum network is around $0.5. However, you had the UMBR tokens on the Polygon network.
In case the quote shown was normal as you mentioned, please wait until you hear from the MetaMask support.


Hi @Saiii ,

It does look like you received .007 MATIC, as @Maryam1 noted. When you did the swap, there is a warning message that appears towards the top of swap screen when liquidity is low and the swap will work out to less funds, it will provide a percentage like -90%. The liquidity on Polygon is significantly lower than liquidity on Ethereum mainnet for this token, this is why you received a much lower amount.

Confirming you opened your support ticket at or through your MetaMask wallet?

The MetaMask support team will reach out to you regarding your ticket. I removed the number for your safety. It’s advised to be careful when sharing this information, you don’t want someone being able to link your identity and attempt to phish you. Remember, never share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone, not even with MetaMask. Never input it on a site, form, anywhere!

One more safety tip, check out our message here in regards to suggestions on sharing your full account number or transaction IDs. Thanks!


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