Sharing Personal Identifying Information on the MetaMask Community

:fox_face: Hello MetaMask Community :fox_face:

For your safety and security, we suggest you avoid sharing any personal identifying information such as your name, e-mail address, and wallet address. Sharing this information can cause you to be more vulnerable to scammers trying to target you, by knowing your contact information and connecting your personal identity to your wallet address.

Below are some tips and tricks to help keep your identity secure:

:question:Use an anonymous username, password, and profile picture that you don’t use anywhere else. You’re less likely to have your identity associated with other online platforms you use.

:sos:Describe your issue but we suggest to avoid sharing your wallet address or transaction ID. This will help keep your wallet separate from your personal identity.

:computer:Protect your devices! Install, maintain, and update an anti-virus software.

:no_entry_sign:Never share your Secret Recovery Phrase!

:fox_face:We are here to help you! If you need to share more personal details you can always reach out to our Help Desk at and select the “Start a Conversation” bubble to speak privately with a support agent.


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