Lost Wrapped ETH on Matic during transfer from Metamask to Binance

Hello Everyone,

I hope everything is going well with you.

I sent WETH token from my Metamask to Binance WETH deposit address under Polygon network and unfortunately Binance doesn’t support Polygon network to transfer WETH token.

So, I contacted binance customer service and “there is nothing to do on our side. We recommend contacting Metamask customer service” they mentioned on the chat.

I was wondering to know if there is any chance to access WETH token.

It would be really appreciated to get any help from you.

Thanks in advance!

Due to the nature of the blockchain, unfortunately, transactions are not reversible. This is not a MetaMask policy, but the function of the blockchain. Since the transaction has successfully been completed, it’s in the hands of Binance to give you access to your tokens or not.

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Thank you for your reply and guidance!
I will contact Binance customer service again, hope they could solve this issue.
Appreciate again!