WETH not received in Binance

I tried to transfer WETH token from MetaMask wallet to Binance. I ensured the correctness of the address and network. But, even after 2 days, no token is received in my Binance wallet.
I have gone through the FAQ here- Where are my tokens? but it doesn’t help since, as per suggestion I reached out to Binance support and they in turn suggests to reach out to you.
Furthermore, in MetaMask browser extension, when I check the ‘Transaction data’ at the bottom, it sometimes says ‘Transaction decoding is not available for ChainId 137’ and sometimes 'The user aborted a request. My Trans Id is - 0x8f441c58d03f24dc8d1b37121528e4e6a556da3a3ccfab25e5c3aa215aaa077b and the middleman (Contract) here is- 0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619.
Kindly help.



This happened because you sent WETH that was on Polygon Network and Binance does not support WETH on Polygon. Currently WETH is only supported for deposit via ETH network per Binance support.

The only way you’d be able to recover this is if Binance ever adds WETH on Polygon Network as one of their supported tokens.

It’s really important to understand the different networks and tokens on each one. You cannot send tokens between networks without using a bridge (example, WETH from Polygon to Ethereum) and you have to confirm the exchanges (like Binance) you’re sending to accept/support the token on the network you’re using.

Below are some articles that may help for the future.


Also regarding your error message, can you confirm what version of MetaMask you have installed? Thanks!

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Hi @komodo

Regarding the error: ‘Transaction decoding is not available for ChainId 137’ this is just a display error.

Seeing more details about transactions is only available on Ethereum Mainnnet, on other networks, you will always get that error message. But it has nothing to do with the status of the transaction, so you can just ignore it. Also, the ChainID 137 refers to the Polygon Network itself.


Hello KBeeTheCapybara,

Thanks so much for writing a response to my query. I understood now what had happened wrong but did you also mean that if Binance ever adds WETH on Polygon Network as one of their supported tokens, my lost transaction will automatically get recovered OR you were referring future transactions?


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Its latest version- 10.18.0

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Hello Urban.Moods,

Thank you for your time and making this clearer to me.



Sure thing, you’re welcome! Glad I was able to help :slight_smile:


Hi @komodo ,

That’s something Binance would need to provide direction on. You could ask them if they ever did accept WETH on Polygon, will there be anything you need to do.


Just like what KBee said, you can ask Binance customer service if you can get your WETH back.
I mean, it’s not impossible, you need to ask customer service to see if it’s possible.
Hope you can get it back. :slightly_smiling_face:

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