I sent WITH over the ETH network, the funds did not come

I decided to transfer my funds to the Binance.In the main menu of the account, the coins were displayed exactly as ETH, no one warned me that it was WETH.As a result, I lost all my savings on Metamask, what should I do?

Note that there are special markings after the names of the officials!
For example as shown in the figure.

Do not trust anyone else who gives you contact information outside of the forum! ! !

I get it, thanks.But how do I solve my problem?

Your description is too brief to help you.
What chain did you conduct the transaction on (or which coin did you pay for the gas fee); whether your transaction was successful; what address did you send to Binance or what; the other party’s chain you chose when you got the address when you sent it what chain.
There’s basically nothing to say, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

I’m telling you, I transferred WETH over the ETH network, instead of the desired network.The transaction is confirmed as successful.The commission was taken to MATIK, but the money did not come to the exchange.Binance, when submitting an appeal, writes that the data does not match.They do not match, because the WETH coin does not match the network and the wallet to which I tried to make the transfer.I thought it was ETH, not WETH, so the wallet and network was chosen for ETH.

If you chose the wrong network when sending your funds to Binance, you can ask Binance to help you get it back. However, they generally charge a fee. Because the private key of that address is in Binance’s hands.

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Binance said he was sorry.Now they have no way to return my funds.Can’t Metamax help me now either?

Blockchain transactions are generally not reversible. Metamask asks acts an access point to different blockchains, but we don’t have any control over those blockchains themselves.

Transactions across chains can be tricky. There are quite a few details that need to be precisely correct. Here are some tips for doing cross-chain transactions successfully in the future: metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4404464724635-How-to-send-tokens-from-BSC-to-Ethereum-or-other-chains

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