MATIC - Pancakeswap - Help Please

Please help, I sent MATIC tokens to Pancakeswap exchange from Metamask BNB Mainnet. The transaction is confirmed at Pancake address but is not listed anywhere in exchange and dissapeared transaktion from my wallet .

Hi. I did it send this by mistake. Can you be so kind and return it back.I will be very thankfull.


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Is the address you sent strange or your own?

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0xb0d63a6cc861316ffd6b22e62b4eb6c99ea2ed89 is my Metamask wallet
0x4afaebfe5328d7438adf0dcdaa7b81b3f7eaa6d6 is the wrong/old address

Hello, your matic has been transferred to your old address. Please find him in your old address

yes,it is transfered on old adrress on Pancakeswap because I have make 2 transaktions earlier on this adrress,so defenitely is on Pancakeswap

Pancakeswap is just a decentralized exchange. It does not save any user’s assets. Your assets are in your wallet, which you can see in the address above :neutral_face:

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