Metamask Addon Error on Firefox Code: BigNumber Error

I get the following error when opening and loging into the MetaMask app on firefox:

MetaMask encountered an error

Try again by closing and reopening the popup, or contact support here.

Error details

  • Message: div() number type has more than 15 significant digits: 1.2589254117941673
  • Code: BigNumber Error

Here is an image of the error

How to reproduce:
Add the wrong decimals for a manually added token (I think I accidentally entered 0 decimals instead of 18)

The addon works fine on another browser, etc. Its just a local issue on this machine and browser. However, I would like to fix it without losing the cache.

Any tips are helpful

Can you please report this to support? Follow the link in the message, on the page it takes you to choose the start a conversation button (screenshot below). You’ll need to answer a few questions from the chatbot but you will get connected to an agent.


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