FireFox extension "big number" error

running FF 103.0.1 on windows I can no longer access my MM

I can unlock but the extension only returns the error msg

Message: new BigNumber() not a number: undefined

Code: BigNumber Error

this occurred after an interaction with OS and 1inch swap, all tx seemingly went through

when I choose a different network (e.g. Polygon) I can use MM - but as soon as I switch back to Ethereum, it again shows this error

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Hello @EFEX, welcome to MetaMask community!

Have you tried reinstalling the extension? Or switching browser and installing extension on respective browser?


Hey Chinzilla,

I consider this a last resort, I might have to end up with. Clearing cache on FF didn’t help


installing on chrome did give me back access

would be convenient if I could debug on FF by moving extension cache over, but I guess this is a fantasy

thank you

[edit] the error seems to be in the sentry-install.js
“Setting up Sentry Remote Error Reporting for ‘production’: SENTRY_DSN”
several missing deb warnings, then a unable to load script-src error due to security settings
more missing deb and the big number error

any idea which security setting could be the culprit?

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Hey @EFEX, would you mind sharing this information to the support team?

You can do so at and click Start a conversation

Thank you!



have done so, was told this would probably be addressed in an upcoming update.

So unfortunately I will be stuck reinstalling the extension.


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