MetaMask, Binance Smart Chain and ShibaSwap


I’ve run into an issue which I think is related to ShibaSwap itself and not MetaMask. I’ve recently transferred my tokens from Binance to Metamask using BEP20.

The tokens transferred to my MetaMask wallet successfully and I was able to add them manually (and also via updating/connecting my wallet thru BSCSCAN) but here’s the funny thing.

The moment I go to the ShibaSwap site it asks me to connect my MetaMask wallet. Once I connect the wallet the address shows up without any issues. However, the moment I head to bury my SHIB it keeps saying “Available - Loading…” right above the box where one feeds the amount to take. Even after giving it a couple of minutes it does nothing (assuming their network is super slow). The wallet shows connected all the time.

I’ve had no success even after using two different browsers (Google Chrome and Brave).

I think this is to do with ShibaSwap but I’d like some inputs before I take any further actions.

Thank you!

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