Metamask Binance Smart Chain USDT transfer over ERC20


I created Metamask Binance Smart Chain network through custom RPC.
Afterwards I transferred through this network USDT over ERC20.
Details below…


Nonce 30

Amount -624.024762181470875442 USDT

Gas Limit (units) 76708

Gas Used (units) 36139

Gas Price (GWEI) 5

Total 0.000181BNB

activity log

Transaction created with a value of 0 BNB at 10:31 on 4/12/2021.

Transaction submitted with gas fee of 383540 GWEI at 10:31 on 4/12/2021.

Transaction confirmed at 10:32 on 4/12/2021.

On BSCscan status is success but regarding blocks info is like this…

Block: 6496141 10739 Block Confirmations

Timestamp: 8 hrs 59 mins ago (Apr-12-2021 08:32:00 AM +UTC)

Only 10000 blocks confirmed in 8 hrs, looks like this can last very long time.
Please advice, thanks.