Metamask does not connect to sites

Good evening! Please tell me why the metamask may not connect to any web service?

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hi @DRmarkoviBil ,

Would you please submit a help desk request regarding this?

To submit a ticket, please visit and click the ‘start a conversation’ blue square bubble towards the right-upper-middle of page. This will at first connect you with a bot which will either link you with a live agent or submit a ticket on your behalf.


Can someone please tell me why I can not post in my own thread?

Hey @Wickedwe ,

Discourse requires certain confirmation of trust levels for threads. You should be able to post one, did you get any email confirmation you needed to follow?

Please refrain from cursing.


Yeah, sorry. I really do get crazy when I get gagged… When the world bann on opinion and thoughts comes soon, I will be so screwed xD
I dont think so. I got some promotion so I can answer now… Guess problem solved?

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