MetaMask extension redesign

Why does the world famous wallet use defoult Bootstrap v5.0 UI kit?

We have developed a redesign concept for MetaMask Extention.

P.S. This UI is implemented quite simply and quickly, without slowing the wallet.

Looks very good, it’s time to change the design in the wallet, because it is morally outdated


**Bro good design, I hope he will



We cannot say that it is outdated. It is simply created from template elements, as is usually done when creating something in haste)


The design looks great, especially the dark theme, I hope for a response from the community :heart:


Looks stylish and very modern! And yes, the design of the wallet needs changes. But I want to note that not only changes in design.

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Hey, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

I would love to know more about your thought process with developing your own design. What aspects of the current MetaMask UI do you think could be most improved? The team is also currently working on a major redesign of the UI!


Awecome, like it! :+1: :+1:

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That’s really great and astonishing!
Hope, MM team will use your design!


Hello @nakedwinnie. Thanks for answer.

Items are listed in order of importance.

  1. Branding/identity. We took up the redesign, because at the moment the UI is not branded and is made on the bootstrap.

  2. It is important to leave the elements in the same places. Many people are used to using stress, you can not break this system.

  3. Reduce nesting. Such as QR codes and gas replacement, not only. You can look at the 2nd picture for additional information about this.

  4. Refine the accessibility of UX in difficult moments for the base user. For example: set permission for everyone, Change network. At the moment, the wallet is not as accessible to beginners as it could be.

On this theme, we can have a more in-depth discussion. Our team is ready to provide all the files that we have developed. We would also gladly to help with the result, if possible.


It really looks nice.
What about an open competition, want freedom of choice

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But the dark theme is very reminiscent of another wallet for the Solana network ( with terrible user experience ) :thinking: