Change the UX to better, current is terrible

Im new to web3 and Im shocked how strangely designed is MetaMask wallet for chrome.
For instance the “fox” icon on the right does nothing, whereas all the software in the world uses this place to display a menu.

It does not make any sense and discourages new users, like me.
My first impression was: oh my good, it is complete chaos it the app.




Hi @lkshll ,

Thanks for posting! When you say the wallet for Chrome, do you meet the extension version? It looks like this:

Can you give more detail on what is chaotic to you on here? The blockie (circle on the upper right corner) is a drop down menu for your wallet. The 3 dots on the right just under it, is a drop down menu for the current account you’re in.

We welcome more detailed feedback, it’s always appreciated.

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it’s not
and not the main issue in urgent to solve/upgrade right now

For starters:

  • Sorry, I ment “fox icon on the left side” … *Im chaotic to ;/"
  • Main setting should be on the right (under “fox icon”), whereas “per account setting” should stay on the left
  • No way to remove account unless it is imported.
  • The account number should be above “networks” as the wallet is the account not the networks - current construction implies that account depends on the network, which is not true.