!metamask fraud!

I don’t know if this is the right category to post this in but here it goes.
I am new to metamask, and when I searched “metamask” on google, the first link was a payd one:
something like download-metamask dot com. When I tried to create a wallet I got 404 error, then I realized I was on a site called “metannask dot com”.
But if you try to import a wallet, you can.
maybe someone from metamask can do something about this.
Take care, be safe, read everything 3 times before you click.

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Hi, @Mecuratul Welcome to the Metamask Community.
Thank you for much for reporting this to us, really appreciated it.
We will work on getting them take down.
One tip I can share is to book mark any web3 site you use often to ensure you’re using the correct site.