Metamask in-built browser executing opened tab always

MetaMask browser in app is automatically opening a new tab always in Android. If there are any tabs being opened already, that is executed first, and all the tabs are executed one after the other. Could you please make the relevant changes so that the URL is not opened in a new tab.

Hello @anila.mathew ! Welcome to MetaMask community !
Have you tried using window.location.replace() in your project? It should have different behavior


Hello @snwlprd.eth .Thank you for ur reply. But we are trying to open MetaMask browser frm an app. So, when we open from the app each time a new tab is opened and all the previous tabs are getting executed too…


What version of MetaMask and Android do you have? Does this error occur on other devices?
iOS for example

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I am using Andoid 12 and MetaMask ver 5.14.0… Yes, this is happening even for iOS too.

They are there and they should only get executed when you go into them and they start loading, until then they should be in standby, it’s what i imagine the process to be and how i see it on my side.

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