Metamask Possible Feature/s

So I have a lot of tokens and going down through the list to manage them can be a hassle for a couple of reasons:

  1. I literally have to scroll with a touchpad like many others, if you could put a “Scroll Bar” on the side it would be helpful.

  2. An always ontop feature would be super because I may want to compare a token while documenting the info on a note pad or similar and as soon as I click out of the MetaMask window it goes away, I’d like to be able to work with the MetaMask window not disappearing on me and then having to scroll 50 tokens down again to get to what I was looking at, to begin with ?.

  3. A search box would be nice to type in the token ticker and automatically pulls up your token OR shows you that you don’t have that particular token.

  4. Icing on the cake would be an actual portfolio type wallet add-on where automatically your token/s are listed in numerical order in which they are listed or other, the quantities you have, how much you paid for each token as well as the whole order cost, and the fees you paid with a grand total.

  5. Double Icing a profit and loss section
    of each token at any given time, total portfolio value, and cost.

  6. Alerts for trending, gainer, and losers as well as upcoming ICO token information/news.
    These ideas on top of your already first-class wallet would in my opinion make you the number one wallet forever.

  7. A hover over feature that gives certain tokanomic or pertinent information of that token when you hover over it.

  8. Crypto payment to people who offered ideas that MetaMask decided to implement, LOL.

  9. Also as a side note I own the domains; MetaMask Token and MetaMask Coin if your interested, thanks for listening to my ideas and I hope to utilize your services for many years to come, Thank you! Sean kovalick

P.S I believe MetaMask has sooo much room to grow with many many possible future changes and advancements let me know if you want me to continue to offer up my thought and ideas.