Metamask To Kardiachain Wallet

Hi! I’m having a problem I have sent a DPET from METAMASK to Kardiachain Wallet. Until now It’s not yet received or reflected on my Kardiachain wallet.

this is the transaction link.
https :// etherscan. io/tx/0x404614d4229d8b05b25fa797b753259a27b9770d4fe0caff953d39f440a7722b

Man @raawron24 Kardashian Wallet :grin: used Kardiachain Mainnet
and your transaction is on Ethereum Mainnet.

Kim Kardashian

KardiaChain Wallet

Export Private Key and import to Metamask wallet

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how I can rectify my transaction? :frowning:

Is this a hopeless case to rectify this transactions? Any admins / Moderator out here. Please.

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When you exported Kardiachain wallet Private Key to Metamask wallet.
Add token DPET :slightly_smiling_face: Click on the button Add Token and Custom Token
Token Contract Address: 0xfb62ae373aca027177d1c18ee0862817f9080d08


Thank you! I got it!


Hello same problem but I can’t still see my where my DPET token please I need help

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Do you dpet token because same promble also me i cant not see my dpet token in kardiachain

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  • if you accidentally sent your kardiachain directly to metamask, it will not appear because the kardiachain is a mainnet and the bnb smartchain is different to each other. If you want to recover your sent dpet token you must use your metamask private key
    (this is the address that you sent your dpet token)
    and import your account to kardiachain extension.

-Then get the contract id of dpet token and add the token (dpet) to your account on kardiachain extension, and then it will appear your lost dpet token.

-if you want to send the dpet token, kardiachain to metamask you must do the instruction below:

-send your dpet token to the kucoin and then exchange your dpet token to xrp (because of low transaction fee). after that send your xrp to binance.

-finally when you are on binance exchange the xrp to bnb and now send it tour binance smart chain on metamask. and thats it.

P.S. I don’t know if you withdraw the bnb (bep20) on kucoin will get you faster. I’m just saying. I hope it will help.

Hello, I the same thing, but I got my tokens on KardiaChain, but for some reason it wont let me send the coins to Kucoin. it says Error
Sorry! Your transaction has executed unsuccessfully. Please help