Sent $ETH from Kucoin to Metamask using the KCC Mainnet. It shows as completed on Kucoin but has not arrived. Where did I go wrong?


New to Metamask. My situation: I wanted to transfer some $ETH to my brand new Metamask wallet with the goal of exchanging it on Uniswap-none of which I’ve done before.

My steps so far:

I installed the Metamask chrome browser extension as well as the Iphone app. I tried to send (luckily a small amount of $ETH) via KCC as it’s much cheaper than ERC-20. To do this I installed the KCC Mainnet to my Chrome Browser from the KCC site. NOTE: I did not install it on the mobile app at first but have since done so.

I then used Kucoin to send the small amount of $ETH to the Metamask $ETH public wallet address. It shows as completed on Kucoin but a full day later nothing shows up on Metamask. Any idea where I screwed up? Any way to recover the $ETH?

The Transaction Hash: 0x1a2d3b73694dd62ba38bc73d9f3ea2c45d69b35060c4721ab95a07652b5f7265

Another note of confusion: Seems my metamask wallet via Chrome and Iphone are not synced despite sharing the same public wallet address (example: the one account name I made on the Iphone doesn’t sync to the Chrome extension, The KCC Mainnet after installation was only visible on the Chrome Extension not the iphone app and the Account identicon was different for each) Anyhow obviously a newb to this so would love any input thank you!

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Hi @HighMiddleBrow try to add the KCC-Peg Ether (TOKEN) manually

Click Add Token - Token Contract Address:

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Hi Thanks so much!-this def did something the little ETH (0.01) I sent now appears with a little robot face icon next to it (apparently as a new user I can’t show you a screen shot)

A few followups:

Is this a synthetic ETH that’s somehow diff than the real thing?

Regardless, about using it: When I go to Uniswap with my Metamask wallet linked it still shows a 0.0 amount. Is this bc I have so little -0.01 -that it doesn’t register? If so what if I had say 1.456 ETH-does it account for smaller decimals or is there some other explanation?

Also when I try to move it to my Coinbase wallet it says I have ‘0 KCS to pay for transaction fees’. Does this mean I need to buy KCS from Kucoin and then transfer to metamask to move this little ETHlet?

Finally, the mobile and browser wallets still aren’t syncing -I had to add the KCC-Peg Ether token to the phone app after I did it in the browser and the name of the account still doesn’t sync. Is this normal or are they supposed to sync up?

Anyhow thanks so much again! The mystery deepens!

Oh man :smiley: you’re dangerous :sweat_smile: don’t take quick steps…

Your ETH (0.01) is on the KCC network :globe_with_meridians: Coinbase and Uniswap does not support KCC.

Transaction Fee = 0.00019 KCS just an example.

haha I know this was mostly a conceptual exercise and given my fuckup, caution was clearly warranted.

However just so I get it- I can send ETH on KCC ONLY to Apps, Dapps Dexes etc that Support KCC? So like for instance I could IN THEORY send this back to KuCoin, eveb though apparently I can’t, because I don’t have sufficient gas fees to move it (which btw is ridiculous that $40 worth of ETH isn’t enough to move $40 worth of ETH, but I digress).

So functionally my ETH is trapped there unless I want to move more ETH or KCS to move it off, right or maybe find another DEX that does accept it tho Gas fee ish prob remains right? If I wanted to play this out do you know where I would figure the amount of KCS needed to move it off Metamask and do you know other places that support KCC?

Thanks again I recognize the humor in this but am trying to learn and fast!

Yeah :smiley: page or app must support KCC Mainnet.
Example: Coinbas not support KCC Mainnet = you lost all KCC-Peg Ether (TOKEN)

Send this back to KuCoin :slightly_smiling_face: you need a little KCS.

Right but I can’t bc the .01 Eth isn’t enough to pay gas fees to return it! :joy: So i would need to move ETH or KCS from Kucoin to get it back. Only I don’t know how much! Seems I could easily lose more than is stranded in trying to retrieve it no?

Min. Withdrawal is 0 KCS :point_up_2: but Withdrawal Fees: 0.02 KCS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: now approx 0.24€ hehe

Amazing! That moved it at a tiny fraction of the ETH gas fees. This has been a real education thanks for all your patience and insight.

If I can push my luck with a few more comprehension questions:

  1. Do you know any dexes and/or wallets that are KCC friendly like 1inch etc?
  2. Are ETH (and maybe other coin)s not technically moveable on KCC thus the pegged token version of it?
  3. Any places you suggest I check out to educate myself further?

Thanks again!!!

  1. Do you know any dexes and/or wallets that are KCC friendly like 1inch etc?

Oh man :see_no_evil: I don´t use KCC Mainnet…

  1. Any places you suggest I check out to educate myself further?

My education page is Google and YouTube :smiley: Coinbase Learn

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You’re a gentleman and scholar thanks again!

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