Sending ETH from Kucoin over KCC

Hey Community

I’m new since yesterday at Metamask.

To my problem.
I sent yester from Kucoin some ETH over KCC Network to my Metamask wallet but until yet I didn’t got it :frowning:

I read you’re the master of this problem and can help :wink:
Please help me.

Thank you in advance


Hi George @Veots you need add KCC Network :point_down:

Add KCC-Peg Ether token :point_down: copy this contract address

click Import Token

and buy some KCS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: you need KCS to pay the transaction fee

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Hey Luigi
the KCC Network I add, like in the tutorial.
I also import the token, but I cannot change the “Token Decimal”

I think, that will be the problem. I don’t have any KCS to pay the transaction fee…
How much does I need? and should I buy it in Kucoin or in Metamask?
I think when I will buy at Kucoin I must spent min. 25 dollars…

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Try again :smiley: it must work

Open your profile enter your ETH MetaMask address in About me for a moment. I’ll send you some KCS :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: some cents

Don’t forget to copy the KCC address :slightly_smiling_face: on Kucoin page


Hey Luigi
MM Address is add on about me. Thanks a lot!

I already sent the ETH yesterday and the status is completed in Kucoin.
So the ETH is not in Kucoin.

Ok i found the same window like yours from the last picture, I also choose SHIB and where should I copy this Address?

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I sent you 0.00123 KCS :upside_down_face: delete your ETH address from the profile.

This is just an example picture :grin: be sure to select ETH and your KCC address

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Hey Thank you very much!

Now I got the ETH.
the ETH are now in the KCC Mainnet, can i transfer it to the ETH Mainnet?
Because I want to need it in Opensea io :smiley:

When I choose the KCC Mainnet the message pops ups:
Please switch to a wallet that supports Ethereum network

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@Veots i can not help you sorry for the this my unuseful :pensive:

@Veots yeah Opensea :slightly_smiling_face: not support KCC network

Send KCC-Peg Ether token back to the kucoin exchange
and withdrawal Ethereum with used ERC20 not KCC :grin:

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Does I not have a lot of transaction fees when I do that?

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