Metamask window blank, spinner and error

Hi, I’m using metamask 10.12.4 on Chrome & Firefox to approve an ERC721 transfer, and a spinner is displayed as soon as the metamask popup opens. I can see a warning/error in the console of metamask,

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Unable to determine contract standard
  at f.<anonymous> (common-1.js:7:379146)
  at Generator.throw (<anonymous>)
  at a (common-1.js:7:376936)

This bug has also been openned here, on GitHub] issues 14187
This is something introduced recently, because I’ve reverted to 10.11.3 and everything works correctly. Tested in Chrome & Firefox on 3 different machines.

Can someone please prioritize and fix this new bug introduced? Thanks, Daniel


Have you tried on a mobile device?

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Thanks for your reply, even if that worked, a vast majority of our client base (99%) will be using the website, so this needs to work on desktop. I’ve reverted back to 10.11.3 and it works perfectly, but we of course can’t ask clients to downgrade.


Ah, I see. I’ll inform the team and thank you for opening the GitHub issue!


Thanks for your support in raising awareness in the team, I appreciate it.


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its nice qustion

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Yep seeing this annoying error when interacting with this contract on opensea.


“Error: Unable to determine contract standard” in the console.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I am also experiencing the same issue, when trying to approve an ERC721 transfer on Metamask 10.12.4

Hoping For Quick Fix!



It looks like GitHub issue 14187 you mentioned is related to an ERC-20 token transfer error.

Currently, ERC721 transfers should only be done on mobile. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base: