Missing BNB after swapping through Metamask Swap Function


I have used the SWAP function in Metamask to convert my ETH to BNB. I used the recommendation of Metamask and proceeded with the conversion. I got a confirmation that the SWAP was successful and I was able to see the converted BNB.

The converted BNB was added to my remaining BNB. After that, I went to sleep. I checked my wallet in the morning and I saw that all of my BNB are gone.

I’ve checked the BSC mainnet transaction of my BNB and there was no activity of any transfer. The last transaction that is indicated in my Metamask dashboard is the SWAP of ETH to BNB.

txn Hash of SWAP ETH to BNB is

There were 2-4 Metamask Swap Router that happened after the above mentioned transaction

Hovering in the red exclamation error icon beside the txn hash produces the error - “Error in Txn: execution reverted”
Clicking the Transaction details will indicate the errors below:
Red X Mark Error Icon - “Fail with error 'Claim AIR on Website FIRST - AirStackWeb dot com”
Error message under contract - " Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [ execution reverted ]"
Red Triangle Exclamation Mark error beside (Metamask: Swap Router) - “Error occurred during contract execution”

and then the last one that is I saw is

The above transaction hash transferred all of my BNB to a particular address. I can still see all of my BNB there. But I don’t see nor authorize this transaction to happen in my Metamask dashboard.

Please HELP!

Is there anyone who can provide clarifications or help?