I swapped BANANA (Apeswap) to ETH but i get nothing

Hi, swapped APESWAP (BANANAS) to ETH, and it says “Error in internal transaction, execution reverted”, but i get nothing, neither the eth or the bananas back.

What can i do?

it shows:
From: 0xb62F0053B15F6EaE54F49BabE72324Caa80e660a
TO: 0x1a1ec25DC08e98e5E93F1104B5e5cdD298707d31



MY wallet at bscscan. 0xb62f0053b15f6eae54f49babe72324caa80e660a… See the last transaction with yellow signal that says “Error in internal transaction, execution reverted” to “Metamask swap router”

Hey @Espana802, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like a small error occurred during the contract execution, but the transaction was still successful. Binance-Peg ETH has been successfully transferred to your wallet address.

Please make sure you have imported the correct contract address for ETH on Binance :point_down:

Hello, and thank you for your answer. If you check my wallet in the bsc you can see that I have 0.5 eth, when I should have at least 0.9 eth (having traded those Bananas), therefore I don’t have what I should have.

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According to the transaction hash you sent and on bscscan, there was 0.48 ETH sent to your wallet address for your swap :point_down:

I can see what you’re saying, but still, according to bsc scan, I have 0.56 eth (already obtained from an old transaction with cakes) on my metamask wallet, so I didn’t receive anything, neither the 0.48 eth, or the bananas back neither. How is it possible?

Would you be able to send the transaction hash with the old transaction with CAKE? It looks like there’s only one other transaction of ETH with your wallet address of CAKE swapped for 0.07 ETH, which may be what you are referring to :point_down:

0.07 ETH from the CAKE swap and 0.48 ETH for the BANANAS swap = 0.56 ETH total.

Hopefully that clears up any confusion :slight_smile:

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