Missing ETH, Unconfirmed Transactions

Alright so i sent like 4 or 5 support tickets about this but never receive any help.

Ok so i only downloaded Metamask to purchase/trade for $hokk sooo first i put in ~25 usd in eth in my Metamask wallet to do so, when i tried i saw the gas price was too high so I WAITED. Came back and the eth was completely gone or was very little left and there was nothing in return of it. I tried again adding more around $20 worth and same thing happened. I dont have hokk or eth but im missing eth on transfers I DID NOT MAKE. Transactions were sent to 0x9327879dd803ad4294409587150adf2cc7a57190 but once again i did not confirm or do these actions. My only and sole purpose of using metamask was to get hokk and now im short of everything. If anyone can help me with this it will help greatly .

[Below is what was sent to Support Ticket]
Okay so i Only wanted used Metamask for 1 transaction for $hokk. after trying several times to mess with the gas price and was not successful i decided to sit and wait it out. I added more ETH to the metamask and the previous amount i had dissappeared (going to 0x9327879dd803ad4294409587150adf2cc7a57190). So i guess im having trouble identfying that purchase and what exactly is going on with it. Any details will be appreciated because right now i have no idead what happened.

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