Missing my USDT sent from Binance

I sent my USDT from my Binance to my MetaMask USDT 3 days ago and never got it. I’ve checked BSCSCAN and etherscan and transaction was made correctly from what I can see, unless I’m missing something. Please help!

Did you withdraw that USDT using Ethereum or Binance Smart Chain as your network? If BSC, did you add BSC as a custom network?

I can’t remember but what’s the difference? And is there any way I can fix it or will it return back?

When you used Binance Smart Chain must add BSC :point_down:

Next step open CoinGecko :point_down: and click on FOX :fox_face:

Does this mean I’ve lost my USDT for ever now?

Hi i have the same problem but mine I already added BSC network and send it to that address and I didnt receive the funds please help me