Missing tokens from metamask to another wallet

Today I sent a metamask to a wallet called bitso, the problem is that I sent it by BNB (BEP2), instead of ERC20, is there any way to recover those tokens?

Contact the customer support team whoever is in charge or the address you were trying to send to and explain to them the situation. If anyone will be able to recover them for you, it will be them.

Good morning, I also made bat transfer from metamask to bitso and they were never credited, I already made a claim but I still have no response, how do I do?

Welcome to the MetaMask community @jefcba. Without sharing any sensitive account info, can you help to confirm you can view the completed token transactions on a block explorer like etherscan.io under your wallet’s public address?

I made the mistake of sending the tokens from the blockchain bep-20 of metamask to the blockchain erc-20 of bitsoCan I recover those tokens since the address to which I sent them does not have bep-20?

Unfortunately, due to the immutable nature of blockchain, we cannot revert these transactions. I’m not familiar with Bitso, but can you get the private key of that wallet? If so, then you can import in into Metamask and access the funds that way. https://metamask.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360015489331-How-to-import-an-Account