Mobile MetaMask does not show NFT image


We made a NFT marketplace compliance with OpenSea standard: metadata on IPFS with a compatible JSON.

However mobile MetaMask does not show the NFT image while OpenSea shows.

I tried to put ipfs:// on the suffix of the image URL but MetaMask simply does not show it (with or without it).

The MetaMask documentation isn’t clear and don’t provide any help to developers.

I can see it on OpenSea:


An example of our metadata:

{ “image”:”QmTXY3TkqW8LdsoMvwje4xMuKAVoT4kCHJZd8BceNajZnD”, “name”:”Full Fathom Five”, “description”:”(...)”, “price”:0, “external_url”:””, “attributes”:[ { “trait_type”:”Author”, “value”:”Jackson Pollock” } ] }

Any help?

I am also experiencing this issue…

My issue is now resolved,
I was creating an SVG data URI and saving it as a buffer in my metadata file.
This would display in opensea & rarible but not in meta mask mobile

I switched it up to be storing a PNG as a buffer and it now displays in MetaMask mobile and still works in opensea & rarible

It seems for me the issue was that i was using an SVG

I see that your image file is a JPEG @carloshc , have u tried with a PNG ?