Missing metadata nfts in the mobile application

I have done many tests by deploying different collections and I have noticed that on some collections I do not see the metadata (image, name and description) correctly while on others I do.

The collections I tested use the erc1155 standard and follow the following format for the metadata of tokens pinned to Pinata IPFS:

“name”: “Token Name”,
“description”: “Token Description”,
“image”: “ipfs://IPFSHASH”,
“animation_url”: “ipfs://IPFSHASH”,
“attributes”: [
“trait_type”: “test1”,
“value”: “Value1”
“trait_type”: “Test2”,
“value”: “Value2”

where IPFSHASH = QmNfKHs…

What I found is that if I pass to the ERC1155 constructor the IPFS uri of the folder with all the json (which have the format above) of the tokens metadata (e.g. ipfs://IPFSHASH/{id}.json) as per the standard, I don’t display any nft correctly, but I see the black background with “collection_name #id_token”. If I pass a baseURI without {id}.json instead, it works. I have also tried re-importing the token more than once, also clearing the cache, but no positive results.

In all this, the nfts that I do not display on MetaMask I display correctly on OpenSea.

I wanted to ask if it is possible to find a solution to this and what is the clean way to display a collection with pinned metadata on IPFS.

I am waiting for answers, thanks in advance.

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Hello @0x3fe, welcome to MetaMask community!

Here is an article on displaying NFT’s image. Even though it’s about the Portfolio, it is relatable. It’s also notable that if the NFTs’s metadata is not in a supported format, you won’t be able to see them.


I got it, where can I find the json format to display the metadata correctly?

You could also try creating an issue for it in the MetaMask Github for mobile, here:

And an article related to ERC1155 for more information about it on how MetaMask handles the format.

ERC1155 article from MM :

@0x3fe if you end up opening a GH issue can you share the # here? Thanks!