Moving ethereum from binance to metamask

I succesfully send ethereum to metamask but nothing shows up at metamask account

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You used ERC20 or BEP20 for sending ETH? BEP20 yours ETH are here:

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I think i used BSM, but i found it back, but i have another problem

I send the ethereum from metamask to binance smart chain network, after that i send the ethereum to my binance account (but i used the original adress (the adress that was listed as the adress from where i send the first transaction to BSC). Is the ethereum gone now?

Is my problem clear or do i need to explain it better?

I have same problem. Could anyone help us ?

I sent 12 dollars to metamask from binance but i can’t see my metamask account. That sent to Zerion. I see in the Zerion.

Oh dirk :see_no_evil: you sent ETH to Binance hot wallet?
Send… link for more info

use BEP20? see your transaction on page?

thank you for responding, yes i see my transaction but how do i get it back?

dirk when you send eth to Binance hot wallet :slightly_smiling_face: must contact Binance support.

Do they have that option

dirk YES :point_right: Binance Chat

thank you where do i find my source adress

what? you sent a large amount ETH? :neutral_face: for refund ETH must people pay BTC (50-100… €) on Binance

no i just want to get it back and i do via the link you send, the ask the source adress

Source address refers to the address where the deposit came from (non-Binance address). Yours Metamask ETH address.

what is the diffrence between a platform wallet and a personal wallet

Binance den eth gönderdim ama metamask cüzdanımda görünmüyor. Lütfen yardim edin