My Accounts UI/UX

I have over 55 accounts/addresses for organization, burners, ledger vaults, risk/security management purposes and etc.

Let us extend account picker window or show more than 2 accounts at a time without going to expand view. Scrolling through many wallets/ledgers is exhausting because search is not always the quickest. In fact you can probably hide the support, import, connect hardware buttons in settings instead or something. Or let us make the window longer vertically. Lots of wasted screen real estate and can be optimized for a better viewing experience.

To add:
How can search be slower?
If you organize wallet names like Vault 01 through 10 for example, you still have to scroll 2 accounts at a time if you filter by typing “vault”. Otherwise you type the entire wallet name.
Search works as intended, but again, we need more room to scroll through our wallet list including when filtered. Thank you.