My Metamask account at one point showed connected and then shows not connected

I made two swaps and neither shows up in MEW. When looking in Metamask, it shows that my first swap failed and my second one does not show failed, but it doesn’t appear in MEW. Second transaction confirmed, but not transferred to MEW as expected. When the first transaction failed, how to I secure the coins sent?

Hello @Nina Welcome to the Metamask Community.
Are you able to see the swapped token under your wallet on a block explorer such as etherscan?
You may have to add the token as a custom token to enable Metamask to display it.

I am able to see the swap under the Activity header in Metamask. The first token shows failed, the second token looks like it was successful, but does not show up in MEW. The Metamask is also showing not connected.

This is my first time using Metamask and Uniswap, so I am not very familiar with either program. Are you asking me to go to MEW (and I don’t know what a block explorer is or what steps I would need to do to perform the function requested.

If I were to add the tokens in MEW as custom tokens, what steps would I go through to enable Metamask to display them?

I now see one of the coins showing in MEW, but the one that failed doesn’t show up.

I just looked at the first entry that failed and see the entry information:

Status: Fail with error “UniswapV2Router insufficient_OUTPUT_AMOUNT”

Value .2 ETH (392.41) Canceled

What does this all mean?

There’s is this article that explain some of the reason for why these transactions failed.

Thank you for the documentation. I will try again.