I have done a SWAP yesterday on metamask wanted to SWAP 8500 ICE tokens for Solana , and it failed , and now the tokens are lost. On account the ammount lets say of ETH is wrong , what is the best way to get them back and fix the issue with the ETH being shwon in a wrong way??

Easiest way to confirm exactly what’s in an account is to check your wallet address on a blockchain explorer:

BNB smart chain:

Metamask is really an access point to your accounts on the blockchain. At times, the way it’s displaying data is a little off.

If you want to post the transaction or wallet hash we can take a look and see what we can help figure out.

Here’s more detail on using an explorer:

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This is my 0xaCcaa0735DfDA3156A790887050dd179e6876485 this where it went i think


Is that the right txn for the swap?

Looks like the SOL in that swap was sent to another wallet in this transaction:

Where it was swapped with Wrapped Ether. (which is WETH on Polygon.)
Have you added the WETH token on the polygon network for that wallet?

Yes this is it , and no I did not add the token WETH

Only native coins are added to a chain by default. Tokens for that chain can be stored, you’ll just need to add them before they’re displayed. Make sure you do so from that account.

Here’s the steps. I prefer the coingecko method myself, as i always mess up something when I copy/paste: How to View Your Custom Tokens in MetaMask

There’s also the “Token Detection” feature that can be found in Experimental settings. Just be sure you know what tokens you’re interacting with when you use that feature. Random tokens you aren’t familiar with could be a potential attack vector. For example a “dust attack.” You can always just remove one from the Metamask view if you dont know where it came from.

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