My Metamask has no custom RPC option

Hello all. I am trying to add Alchemy network as an alternative to Metamask network connection after Infura node dropped service yesterday. I am trying to create a custom RPC configuration in MetaMask with Alchemy. Following their how to directs one to " 1. Navigate to your MetaMask wallet and click the network dropdown at the top, selecting Custom RPC at the bottom. "
My Metamask network dropdown has no Custom RPC as an option. I can find no way to get it there in settings. I can’t even complete the first step to add Alchemy network…

Hello, welcome to metamask community. Have you restored your custom network options?
The following is the custom PRC released by the official twitter the day before yesterday. You can try it and see if it works,In addition, please be sure to download it in the official website of metamask to avoid being cheated


Hello, thanks for your response.

So I’m not sure how I would go about restoring my custom network options. I do not see anything in setting specifically for that, just an account reset option which will erase my transaction history…

Ok, so I went and followed the guide and entered the data the same and have the " “Etherium (My Crypto RPC)” was successfully added! " message. So this leads to a couple of things I’m not clear on.

Am I now then using Alchemy network automatically as connection node for transactions?
If so, the whole process of making an account with Alchemy wasn’t needed?

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Thank you, cheers!

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