My wallet got hacked

My wallet is got hacked by someone in Twitter. I was asking for some problem in page of support MetaMask in general and someone join to my private and she said I am from MetaMask support and I have her all information and she send to me one link and put password of the security words
i will upload all logs
so please can you help me

Sorry, you lost you money if you gave then your private key.

Never talk to any person who messages you first in private on any platform regarding crypto, it is full of scammers. I get 20-30 messages a day from scammers impersonating support/giveaways in Telegram, Discord, etc.

Sorry to hear of your loss. the same thing happened to me on June 1st.
Metamask support needs to be aware of these scammers posing as support staff.

Unfortunately, I learned my lesson. Never trust anyone asking for seed phrase or private key.

I had been hacked on gitcoin through an issue support. The @Whiteprop person shared a link to hack: https: multiconcept net and he proposed it as a way to connect wallet through multiple protocols (website showed support from gitcoin, ethereum foundation, and others). After we enter the phrase in website for metamask (hacker’s site), my account got hacked in the next few mins. I am creating a new wallet and not use that again. Beware of even good webpages which require secret phrase.