My weth did not come to my account

hi, yesterday i bought weth via my bank account. transak says it is succesfully sent. i have receipt but i can not see the weth on my account. where did this money go? please help me. thank you. my hash is 0xc3b9534d00fea6845e52bf2bc67a7582ed212cecdac124488e03fb2a869b9590

my public adress is 0x4898890F21094C2cd71301ab19d836dE3A6bd4E7


Hey @pantzer, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

It looks like this transaction was on Polygon, so make sure that you have your MetaMask wallet configured for Polygon network and that you have also imported WETH as a token.

Here is more information on how to set up your wallet for Polygon:

Here is more information on how to import a token: