Need analysis of contracts

Due to the increasing cases of fraud, I believe that it is necessary to help MetaMask users to protect themselves. In particular, I mean contracts. There are many scam tokens whose contracts allow scammers to steal the wallet owner’s funds. And although we can look at all contracts in the block scanner, but many commands in the contract remain incomprehensible to the average user who is not familiar with this theme. It is necessary to create an article or a description of all the commands in the contract and pay special attention to malicious ones so that the user can view the contract of the token, and if they sees bad commands in the contract, he knows that he should not buy / add these tokens, or he could delete them from they wallet

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hello, usually the main contract functions for the token are inherited from ready-made contracts (for example, openZeppelin), you need to study custom functions in more detail, where, for example, the blacklist function for addresses can be written, this will protect you


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