Never receive USD-T in my newly created wallet but transaction shows it transferred to unknown wallet


  • newly create metamask account (in the old wallet I used) from mobile app v2.4.0 iOS
  • transfer USDT from Binance
  • never receive USDT in metamask wallet
  • bscscan shows unknown transaction sending those USDT to unknown address
  • no logs in metamask mobile, did not transfer anything since never receive USDT
  • never share privatekey or such and not even see it

Hi, I withdrawn USDT to newly created metamask account in BSC and binance website said my tx was successful. However I didn’t see the USDT in my wallet which normally I should. I double check the transaction and somehow my newly created account transferred those USDT to an unknown address.
I can assure you that I never receive any USDT amount in the account and did not transfer any amount of USDT to the unknown receipient. I use Metamask mobile v2.4.0 iOS and the USDT transaction log is empty. In addition, since this is newly created account, it only exists on my phone and not other device. Moreover, hence this is not my first time transferring between wallters, I never share, copy or even see private key of the account myself. Can anybody help ? it’s quite an amount of USDT. I already add USDT token in my wallet too.

Thank you in advance.

No idea, maybe a virus ?
Look at the activity of the “unknown adress”: if many activity certainly the owner is a scammer ?

Have the same problem. Where you able to resolve this?