USDT not credited in Wallet

Hi. Today, 18/07/2021, I made a withdraw from Binance to my Meta Wallet using the BSC network.
I did the same way I always do with other cryptos and according to Binance, the transaction was already made.
It has been more than 10 hours since it was completed and I still can´t see my coins in my Metamask Wallet.
How to fix ? Did I lose my coins ?

Hello. Have you checked on Bsc scan ? You should have your tokens there. Can you provide the txhash ?

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Yes I check the transaction on Bsc scan and it all ok, it has the “completed” status on Binance but it didn´t appeared in my activities on my Metamask wallet.
I can´t understand why they didnt appeared.

Some official link helped me to fix my issue, unfortunatell I can´t post right here, but look for : “I have sent funds from Binance to MetaMask but I don’t see the tokens credited to my MetaMask wallet” and you may find your answer.
Looks like I was putting the wrong USDT address and seeing other “USDT” than the one I had transferred.