New Browser Changes in MM App are awful, change back

Description: recently MM changed the browser inside the MM app. There is a wallet button and browser button at the bottom of the screen. Those buttons significantly reduce the size of the viewable area. Please change it back or reduce the size of the buttons.

Purpose: increase the viewable area in the browser inside the MM app

Extension/Mobile/Both: mobile


Hello @Superninja79, welcome to MetaMask community!

Thank you for your feedback.


Amen to that. Please remove that ridiculous new nav bar. The screen space is one of the most important features of a browser. I dont see any reason for that new nav at all, not to mention the huge size of it. Why should one need to constantly switch between browser and wallet so much, that it should sacrifice 10% of the screen space for it. Make it optional, if there really are someone who wants it.

If the switching between browser and wallet is important for someone, you could easily fit a one button size toggle button to the already existing nav bar. The existing buttons on there dont need that much space. Or put it to the top bar, but please please do not have 3 nav bars on mobile browser!

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Completely agree.
Now there is:

  • address bar on top
  • search/home/tabs… on bottom
  • switch to wallet/browser below
    The three are useless to me. Either reduce all three when browsing in page or revert back to previous way (switch to waller/browser from left panel).
    This change is a clear ergonomic regression.
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Exactly as above. As if using the browser on a mobile phone isn’t painful enough it’s now only the size of half the screen. Please change back! If anything, make the viewable area larger not smaller!