NFT assets are not displayed in metamask mobile wallet

I often buy different NFTs in opensea, but they are not displayed in my wallet. I need to manually add contracts. Then I often need to go to opensea to check what NFTs I have. If metamask can automatically display all my NFTs, it will be perfect

Hey @Tksly, MetaMask actually have an auto-detection feature for NFTs :slight_smile:

Here is more information on the Knowledge Base:


Thank you for your answer. I’ll finish it patiently. It helps me a lot and puzzles me for a long time :rofl: :rofl:

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I just read it. In fact, it still needs to be added manually. I look forward to further updates. It seems that I can’t give you praise today. I’ll give you some praise tomorrow to express my thanks for your answer.


Not all NFT’S are supported for display. My NFT videos only show the the ID number