NFT Marked As Suspicious

I worked several months on a NFT project. I launched it and out of the gate you guys marked it suspicious. I verified the source code after minting which could have cause an issue. Is there a way you guys and unmark it suspicious? It basically kills a project I spent several months of my life working on. It’s on Polygon and here’s the smart contract address 0xC1e7cF9C33b160fA7DaDc39B6366A0c0ab7feA28

I used the platform launchmynft and I used their smart contract. The contract isn’t custom

Hey @user3310, sorry to hear that happened.

You can create an issue for it on GitHub here to have it removed from the blocklist:


What do I say exactly there?

Create an issue with the “blocklist removal” label sharing your URL and more information about your NFT project.

Here is an example:

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