Note / memo function

Possibility to add a note or memo to an asset

Add hyperlinks or notes to every asset so you remember the website or if its staking

Hi @RinoM!

Welcome to the MetaMask community. While I realize it’s not exactly what you’re requesting, making sure you know about how to add a memo to transactions - see more here:

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You are right, what you suggest is totally different from what I proposed.

When you stake or add liq.
your assets show up as zero balance in your wallet. When you’ve got a lot of these you sometimes want to clean up the zero’s but you don’t always remember if you’re staking or on what platform/website.

So here comes in the memo function. Add an url or little note to an asset so you’re better organised.

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Yea, realized it was different but at least wanted to mention there are current memo functions in case anyone is curious what they are.

I like your idea!