one-viper steak

I cannot see the one-viper steak on the Harmony mainnet network.

Type Data
ID 0x1652fa77defa3936e7632065ddd521fecd7d407ef87c4828c2a7edfbd0f03079
Status Success
ONE Transferred 300
Timestamp 03/29/2021 20:48:58 +03
Shard ID 0
Sender shard block 11085350
From Address one1pysq096kw72wr6fxdkz27l228w8jcdffxm6m02
To Address one17qf8q2jlpe2qz5mze09zdgn0ey92sv4r323k20
Network Fee 0.00000000000016627 ONE
Nonce 0
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Hi there @scream1470 Welcome to the metamask community.
Do you have the correct network rpc settings added for Harmony Shard 0 on metamask?