ONE to BNB via ViperSwap, using same MM wallet and same account but different networks

Hey guys! I really appreciate the help you offering for the community, I was not going to post and ask if I have had found any other solution!
I hope someone would help me out with this:
Yesterday, I had ONE swapped to BNB via ViperSwap; because I am a dumbass haha I used the same account within same wallet, I just added Bsc network to the account and thought it may work!
the transaction succeeded but of course no tokens would be appeared on the same account !
Please let me know if I can get some kind of magic to solve this. Thank you


Hey @Amayyur, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

What network did this swap take place? Was it on Harmony? If so, the BNB should be in your wallet on Harmony network.

Please make sure that you have added BNB on Harmony as a custom token. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

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Hi @nakedwinnie , thanks for reaching out! I swapped ONE to BNB on ViperSwap and send BNB to the same account on the same wallet, I did create BNB and added it as a custom token on that account, but the amount didn’t appear !

Make sure that you have added the correct contract address for BNB on Harmony. There are many different addresses for BNB depending on the chain, make sure it’s the one for Harmony.

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Can I DM you the screenshots of the transaction? or should I just post them here!

Would you be able to send the transaction hash?

That would be much more helpful, thanks! :slight_smile:

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yes so, I was browsing a bit and found this:
_for Swap exact Token to Tokens:
_for transfer :
_ for approve

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it seems that this transaction is complicated, right? dear!

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Add this contract address :point_down:


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Should I add it as a new token on MM Bsc Network ? or where ! please!

On Harmony, this token is on Harmony and the swap was done on Harmony.

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@nakedwinnie you are amazing :love_you_gesture: it’s not a big deal, but just seeing you working on it, feels so much love… thank you so much; I can now see the tokens on Harmony Network as bscBNB.
much love

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1 more question please! so now I am seeing it on Harmony, but there is only 1 option which is Send ! what should I do to have it on Bsc Network, because mainly I want to send another BNB amount to the same account so I can have it swapped all to Solana if the option is available on MetaMask

Glad to help :slight_smile:

Tokens cannot be sent directly from network to network, they can only be transferred using a bridge. To move your tokens from Harmony to BSC, you can use a bridge application. Here is more information:

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