Pancake swap issue

So, I want to do some yield farming for BNB - ONE on pancake swap. I added the binance smart chain and the harmony mainnet on metamask, I have the coins for both cryptos in the wallet, everything’s fine but I can’t provide liquidity cause only the binance smart chain part is recognized and I get “insufficient ONE balance”.

I know pancake swap is on the bsc but how do I get Harmony ONE to be accepted. I can’t find a way to “convert” it or sth like that. I tried sending a small amount of ONE to the account that’s bsc but it just hilariously shows as bnb and still doesn’t register for the liquidity

Hi @Epicquest please check bridge options for Harmony ONE. I found this URL that could help you: Launching Harmony — Binance Smart Chain Bridge

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That helped a lot! I did it! Thanks a lot dude