Transfer between MM accounts completed, but no BNB in second account

I have a metamask issue. I was trying to buy drip. so I converted avax into bnb on trader joe. i put the bnb in my mm wallet. The account in this wallet is on the avax chain. I made a new account in my wallet called BNB and put it on the BNB smartchain. I transfered the BNB between the accounts I have the activity showing it leaving my avax account and going to the address for my BNB account but it is not in the assets of the account. The wallet addresses are correct on snowtrace… Can anyone help?

Hey @IwannamkeSmrtmves, welcome to the MetaMask community! :fox_face:

Tokens cannot be transferred directly from network to network, they must be transferred using a bridge. Here is more information on our Knowledge Base:

Your BNB tokens should still be in your wallet address on Avalanche network.

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Thank you for the response. The tokens are not in the wallet. The BNB balance is zero. In the wallet account that is used to send them. The activity in that wallet shows the bnb being sent to the other metamask account.

Yes, the BNB should be in the other MetaMask account that the tokens were sent to, on Avalanche network. Make sure to have BNB on AVAX added as a custom token.

Thank you for working with me on this. I have added BNB as a custom token to the account in question on the avalanche network. The account shows the BNB symbol under assets, but the balance is zero.

Would you be able to send the wallet address the BNB has been sent to? Or the transaction hash for the transaction? That would provide more helpful information.

Make sure that you have added the correct contract address for BNB on AVAX.

This is the transaction hash


It looks like the BNB is in wallet address 0x48D40F6800064C4242D95CF9dD6100343A691b35

Please make sure you are on that wallet address on Avalanche network, and that you have imported BNB on Avalanche as a custom token :point_down:

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Thank you. I have recovered the tokens. I had the incorrect BNB address when adding the custom token.

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